Monday, May 16, 2011

Music Rotation - New Music - May 2011

Hi all! I thought this might be a good refresher for everyone and I get antsy when I want new music for the spring-summer for that road trip etc.  Our fine content maestro provided some new music ideas for me, so I’d thought I share mine as well and send it out.  Don’t have time for a blog, but would love to hear what you can’t stop listening to today.  You know me and Mike so we do have XGen bents on new wave and other genres, so bear with us.

My Heavy Rotated, Kinda Getting Crusty but Pleasing Set:

The Vaccines – What did you Expect from the Vaccines? - best album of the year period.
The Boxer Rebellion – The Cold Still
The Kills – Blood Pressures
Kids of 88 – Sugarpills
The Naked and The Famous – Aggressive Me, Passive You
Mother Mother – Eureka
The Cars – Move Like This –seriously, completely and totally stuck in reverse (I thought I would add to the 1000’s of reviews that say the same thing)
Tennis – Cape Dory  - Aliana stole Harriet Wheeler’s voice and is now mixing pop music, The Sundays need to move to the United States, crank something out, tour and bounce this band out.
Friendly Fires – Pala
One Night Only (Self-Titled)
Phantogram – Eyelid Movies
Telekenesis (Self-Titled)
Forest City Lovers – Carriage –seriously why hasn’t this band gotten any cred?
Wild Beasts – Smother gave me chills the first time I heard it
The Strokes – Angles – I actually don’t mind this album

New Music:

Alexander (this is the guy from Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros) – was always on the fence with Ed but will give it a listen
Antlers – Pandas, Bears, Wolves, Deers, Antlers, come on…
Architecture In Helsinki !!  cool sound.  I like this album better than the last,
Beat Connection  !
Chapel Club – very pleasing to my new wave ear.
Cold Cave saw them open up for the Kills – kinda silly entirely retro 80s. Wow, their LP does not sound like them live…
Erland and the Carnival ! saw them twice at SXSW – the recorded I got a different vibe
Frankie & The Heartstrings  !!!
Girls Names – nice, it’s like the 60s meet The Smiths
I'm From Barcelona !
Miracle Fortress – Cool, I love noise pop, especially the dreamy kind
Mirrors – yes, Brighton!
My Disco Aussies, uhuh Shellac
Oh Land – Danish dulcet
Ringo Deathstarr – cool – JMC with a girl leading
Sound of Guns – yeah, this is epic rock – and I love it.  Mike, I know you like Kings of Leon, but come on, if they all grew mullets – it would be a hair metal band
J just kidding dude
Weekend  - Their live set did not translate to their recorded (I’m missing something)
The Weeknd – not sure I like
Wild Beasts – This is an amazing album
Wombats – cool video in Japan I just saw, I like this LP and they have a cool style if I can get past their hype
Young Empires –WONDERFUL, we only have one song right now.  Mike I might have to come to Toronto for this.
Acid House Kings – Swedish Scooby Doo
BellX1 – Saw them in Athens, GA a couple of years ago – will check their new album out
Low – another classic
Metronomy – LOVE IT
Peter Bjorn & John  - I’m a holdout on this band, I will try to get past their whistling Apple commercialism
Sloan – I’m on it, I love Sloan – best group of the 90s
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Flood produced…yeah…what else can a guy from the 80’s say.